Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Texas "Power" Rangers

The Texas Rangers have joined the list of professional sports teams aiming for originality and shanking it wide right. Today they held a press conference releasing their new batting helmet/jersey combinations for the 2009 season. The two-toned blue and red helmet already appears to be a mistake worse than the signing of A-Rod for $226 mil. The clashing colors reminds me of the Little League World Series, but then again the Rangers would probably do better in the 11-12 yr old division.
Message to Rangers' fans: Last summer your team was saved by the heroic return of Josh Hamilton and his mammoth bombs. This fancy new "Power Ranger" look won't put butts in the seats this year. It's time for you to put your energy and money into developing young talent and building a pitching staff for poor Ron Washington. Please do something in the AL West before people start asking if you are still a professional organization. Consolation prize: you're a bad team in a hitter's park, it could be worse. (See San Diego Padres).
Image courtesy of ESPN.com