Friday, April 3, 2009

Everybody Wins

As a sports fan you have to just love when a deal is made and every party involved is a winner. Thursday afternoon the Chicago Bears reached a deal with the Denver Broncos sending two first round draft picks, a third rounder, and QB Kyle Orton out west in return for 25 year old QB Jay Cutler.
The Bears got a great deal in receiving a young, talented player and now have the best quarterback in the division. In turn, the Broncos got two first round picks to help reload and sent the disgruntled Cutler packing. Both teams got what they needed and were winners in the deal.
Some would argue however, that the real winners in the Cutler deal are the San Diego Chargers. With Cutler out of the AFC West, the Chargers are the favorite to win the division for the next 10 years. Sadly, it will be tougher for the media to paint SD QB Philip Rivers as such a bully, considering the biggest baby in the league is now gone.

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