Monday, April 6, 2009

Go Away Rain: It's Baseball Season

The winter is gone and April is upon us. After weeks of long toss, batting practice, scrimmages, and PFP's the baseball season is finally here. There is no emotion like the hope that comes with that "this is our year" feeling. It's opening day, and everybody is ready to rock n' roll.
Mother nature has other plans, however. For the Boston Red Sox, the excitement will have to wait at least another day as the possibility of inclement weather has postponed their home opener until tomorrow. Yes, their season will still start and they will play the full 162 game schedule but the Sox are being robbed of one of the best moments of the year. In the most disasterous sports news reported this weekend, baseball will once again be ruined by rain. It's just unbelievable that water, the same liquid that is necessary for human existence, will once again rip out the hearts of fans everywhere. Get here summer, we need you more than ever.

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