Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good Call

I have been quiet for too long, but the time has come. I am about to remove the gym sock stuck in my mouth for the past week gagging me silent. As much as I would like to overlook the recent discoveries Major League baseball has made about their superstar, I JUST CAN'T.

On February 6, I published a post telling the sporting world to stop caring about steroids and start hoping it would just go away. Obviously two weeks of prayer is not enough time to heal 20 years of sin.
Sadly, baseball fans have become too consumed with the details, the damage control, and white smile A-Rod has offered us. No one has questioned his abilities or the awards he may have won because of an unfair advantage.

As disappointment in our heroes continues to mount, when will fans demand that juicers forfeit their awards. In his recent column, ESPN The Mag's Rick Reilly spoke out against the "syringe binge", and gave fans a rallying cry to get behind. He apologized to players who finished second in MVP voting behind known juicers during the steroid era, and returned the trophies to their rightful owners.
Reading this column was like a breath of fresh air, and I am so glad that someone finally proposed that awards should not be won illegally.

We can't let cheaters be most valuable player, batting champ, or rookie of the year. Let's keep our attention and adoration on the guys who do it naturally. But as Reilly wrote at the end of his column, the rest of you guys better not disappoint us.

Read Rick Reilly's full column

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