Monday, February 23, 2009

Get Some

This weekend in college hoops saw more top teams go down. North Carolina blew a 16 point lead and Oklahoma couldn't compete without their big man Blake Griffin. But the headlines Monday revolved around comments made by UConn coach Jim Calhoun.

When questioned about his salary and being the highest paid state employee by a ridiculous reporter on Sunday, Calhoun went all "Mike Gundy" on him and asked if he was "really that stupid".

Many will argue that the reporter was out of line and that Calhoun lost his cool. But I say GET SOME Coach. First of all, he was out of line and it's no one's business what you make. Second, if he is going to question your bank account then at least get some facts, right? (Calhoun swatted the reporter's question about him making $1.5 mil per year by answering with: "I make way more than that". Love it.

He defended his salary by reminding all the skeptics that the basketball program at UConn brings in over $12 million a year to the university, and offered some advice to the reporter: just shut up.

Calhoun's mini meltdown was one for the ages. Not only does he deserve the money he currently earns, but after those comments give him a raise. You the man Coach.
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