Saturday, February 14, 2009

You Asked For It

After negotiations for a potential buyout failed, David Beckham will return stateside to reclaim his MLS poster boy status and rejoin the Los Angeles Galaxy. AC Milan made an offer to extract the overpaid midfielder out of his current contract and return him to past English Premier League glory.

However, the MLS felt that the pot wasn’t sweet enough. So reluctantly, Beckham will have to suit up for the Galaxy and catch reunion Spice Girls concerts with the likes of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for at least one more year.

As much as I would have loved to send the soccer icon packing I am thrilled to death that the MLS is sticking to its guns and making Beckham honor his contract. Too many athletes today will gladly sign on the dotted line for the next big payday but then want out when the team crumbles or as soon as they get a better offer (see Baron Davis and Alex Rodriguez).

It drives true fans crazy that athletes only care about their next check. How are small market teams supposed to compete with the Yankees and Lakers of world? They can’t. As soon as young talent and team chemistry starts to develop guys jump ship for the dollars (see the Oakland Athletics).

So here’s some advice to Mr. Beckham and all the rest of you overpaid whiners out there: 1. Think about who you’re signing with (if it’s the New York Knicks, just say NO). 2. Don’t always go to the highest bidder, winning is still somewhat important in your line of work. And finally, 3. Don’t expect your contract to get restructured just because you did your job well, otherwise the suits should start taking money away every time you screw up.
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