Monday, February 2, 2009

The Wrong Team Won

When your team isn't in the big dance you tend to find yourself rooting for a good game and funny commercials. After three dismal quarters of boring Steelers football, a rousing game of "Where's Larry Fitzgerald?", and some pretty good work by Pepsi, the game shifted into one of the greatest Super Bowl finishes of all-time.
Dramatic third down conversions, a safety, and two lead changes in two minutes helped build up to one of the greatest big stage catches in my history as a sports fan. Who could ask for more?
Apparently I can. Somewhere between the 14-point swing on James Harrison's Super Bowl record 100-yard interception for a touchdown and the
end of The Boss' halftime knee slide I became a huge Arizona Cardinals fan. I guess I was just sick of seeing Steel Curtain 2 bail out a poor running game and an impotent red zone offense.
So here you go: The Top 3 Reasons this year's Cinderella Story should have been completed: 3. Big Ben is slow and shouldn't be that elusive. 2. Larry Fitzgerald broke Jerry Rice's playoff records with 30 receptions, 546 yards, and 7 touchdowns (two coming in the Super Bowl and one that should have been the game winner). And finally, 1. The NFL a league built on pride and tradition must have wanted the Steelers to win their NFL record sixth title, because the faux fumble by Kurt Warner at the end of the game wasn't even reviewed (I wanted to NBCee it). Give the NFL's "Walter Payton Man of the Year" one more shot to go Doug Flutie style to Fitz and quite possibly one of the greatest Super Bowl finishes could have become the BEST.
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